2017 Winners

2017 Annual Spring Fling Trophy Winners

1. BEST IN CLASS - A BODY - Sponsored by Ontario Chrysler; Rich Bellergo, Washkago Beach; 1968 Dodge Dart

Best in Class - B Body

2. BEST IN CLASS – B BODY - Sponsored by Vaughan Chrysler; Doug Ritz, Burlington; 1963 Dodge 220

3. BEST IN CLASS – C BODY/IMPERIAL - Sponsored by Vaughan Chrysler; Brian and Sue Jennings; 1968 Chrysler 300

Best in Class - C Body
Best in Class - E Body

4. BEST IN CLASS – E BODY – Sponsored by Vaughan Chrysler; Jeff Spicher, Brampton; 1973 Ply Cuda

5. BEST IN CLASS – F BODY – Sponsored by Unique Chrysler; Fred Redlieh, Guelph, – 1978Dodge Aspen

Best in Class - F Body
Best in Show - President


6. BEST IN SHOW by PRESIDENT – Sponsored by Cooksville Chrysler; Don Wagner. Nw Hamburg; 1973 Dodge Dart

7. BEST IN CLASS – MODIFIED – Sponsored by Cooksville Chrysler;  Charlie Sant, Erin; 1969 Barracuda

Best in Show - Modified

8. BEST IN CLASS – Specialty – Sponsored by Fairview Chrysler; Doug Prast, Oakville; 1958 Dodge Fargo

Best in Show- Pre 60's


9. BEST IN CLASS PRE 1960'sSponsored by Mississauga Engines; Ron Lazzdri, Brampton, 1937 Ply DeLuxe

10. PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD Sponsored by National Mo-Parts; Jim Madigan, Mississuaga, 1940 Dodge Pickup

People's Choice Award

11. BEST POST 2000 MOPAR Sponsored by Parkway Chrysler; Howard Poulter,  Caledon;  2015 Hellcat.

Best in Class - Related Brands


12. BEST IN CLASS RELATED BRANDS - Sponsored by South Oakville Chrysler

13. Sponsored by Performance Chrysler

Performance Chrysler
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